Creating and Assigning Displacement/Normal Maps from ZBrush to C4D VrayforC4D Materials

In response to a post I received from a previous Vimeo Quick Tip, I wanted to show how to gather displacement and normal maps from a Zbrush sculpt and assign them to a vrayforc4d skin shader.  When I first created organic animations it was absolutely necessary for me to lower render times by lowering poly counts and implementing displacement and normal maps on my renders....Here is how I did it.

The first thing that I have to remind everyone is that the final render towards the end of the video is NOT the final image, it is only the image with a very basic SSS based skin shader.  There is no epidural, specular, diffuse or sub-epidural maps assigned to the mesh which is why it looks like a synthetic mannequin.  Once those maps are added to the render you get a much more pleasant aesthetic to the render.

If you have any questions feel free to post them to vimeo, twitter, or email me personally.  I love talking with other designers about their projects and the issues they have.


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