Scapula problems in the Advanced Biped Character Template for C4Dr13

After spending some significant time on a recent project rigging and animating some pretty high poly models I realized that there are some pretty serious scapula limitations to th e advanced biped character template in c4dr13.....

The scapula joint is an absolute necessity if you are to quickly p roduce a rigged character ready for animation, the reason for this is because a rigger (by definition) should spend the least possible amount of time weight painting a model.It is a time consuming process that should be avoided at all costs.When a scapula joint is n ot used, the shoulder joint deforms the mesh underneath the arm-pit that needs to be painted out via weight painting, this is far to timely a process to do for a vast amount of characters that need to be rigged quickly.

When I did some test animations on the rigs th at I created with a scapula joint I noticed that there was a severe problem that I encountered that had no obvious solution using the "compon ent" system.I had to change to the "full hierarchy" system to solve it, and here is how I did it.


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